How It Works

SMiD is a cloud encryption device that comes in a small, compact box with an Ethernet cable and your exclusive physical startup key. Set up is quick and easy:

The super-easy three steps set up of SMiD


Insert your startup key into SMiD and connect it to your local network.


Type "smid" in your web browser and follow the wizard to set up user accounts and cloud providers*.

* We currently support DropBox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft Azure, FTP, WebDAV and we're working hard to include even more!


Perform a SMiD Safeguard to be able to regenerate your SMiD in the case of damage to the device.

That's it.

You’re up and automatically encrypting and protecting everything you store in the cloud – with no risk of data loss, theft, damage or intrusion.

I want a SMiD device

Web monitoring and administration with any kind of device



Small, lightweight plug and play device

No client software installation or maintenance required

Zero friction – nothing to configure

Compatible with any infrastructure or IT environment

Connects right to LAN with RJ45 Ethernet cable

Web-based account administration


Protect your data anywhere in the world

Works with all major cloud storage providers

Microsoft SMB/CIFS file transfer protocol

Active Directory compatible

Deduplicated files for optimized bandwidth and file integrity


AES 256-bit encryption protects your files 24/7

Strongest, certified cryptographic device-generated keys

Security is not dependent upon passwords or key phrases generated by users

Unique startup key required to activate your SMiD

No unencrypted files stored locally

Meets stringent international data protection and privacy laws

Integrity checks using SHA-256 hash function

SMiD: A new breed of private cloud storage

Robust Cloud Encryption

AES 256-bit encryption is immediate, automatic and round the clock. No cleartext copies ever stored permanently. You set timers to control how long local files stay unencrypted. You decide when you want them to disappear.

Strongest Access Protection

No other solution safeguards your data with long, internally-generated, random cryptographic keys and is bootable only with a unique startup key – that’s in your hands only. No amount of external guesswork can crack your SMiD.

Legal Compliance

SMiD complies with the most stringent privacy regulations in all sectors. Even the most sensitive data – legal files, confidential communications, patient profiles – is 100% protected with SMiD encryption and free of penalty risk.

Provider Independence

SMiD is not provider-bound. It gives you complete freedom to select the best combination of cloud providers for your business or personal information security needs.

Easy Setup - No Installation

SMiD is a plug and play data protection device. No client software installation is required. It’s as simple as working with a network-attached storage (NAS) server, but with vastly more advantages.

Data Loss Prevention

SMiD also eliminates any local risk of unwanted access, theft, loss or disaster, since there are no files stored locally.

Any System. Any Infrastructure.

Works with any type of IT infrastructure or operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android).

Flexible Cost Savings

Switch providers as often as you like. Benefit from the lowest cloud storage prices available while optimizing storage space.