Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there different SMiD versions?

Yes, there is a SMiD cloud security solution suitable for every kind of cloud storage user – from home-based professionals to high-security corporate departments with stringent data protection policies. But, in order to make cloud storage a viable option for everyone – we created SMiD Pro, a personal cloud storage device designed and priced for individuals or groups of up to 5 users who need to ensure that sensitive data stored both in the cloud and locally – personal information, client files, photos, legal documents, blueprints, contracts, court proceedings – is secured from prying eyes, theft, hacking or third-party misuse or mishandling.

Q: Can anyone set up SMiD Pro?

Absolutely! SMiD Pro has been designed not only to comply with the strictest international data protection and privacy laws but also to be extremely user friendly.

Q: How many SMiD devices do I need?

SMiD Pro is up to 5 users. Information encrypted by one SMiD device can only be decrypted by the same SMiD device. Use more than one SMiD to keep the privacy between departments or groups, you can share the same storage provider account for all your SMiDs. Files will be in the same storage unit but only visible to the corresponding SMiD users.

Q: How do I set up SMiD?

SMiD comes in a small and compact box with a power cord, an Ethernet cable and a pen drive. Set up is quick and easy: Connect the device to your local network, access the SMiD web panel to set up your account and SMiD will automatically generate exclusive cryptographic keys that are simply uncrackable.

  1. Set up your SMiD account and connect to selected cloud providers in the administration panel (simple type smid in your browser address bar to access it*).
  2. Safeguard a copy of your cryptographic keys in two USB keys (which we recommend you to store in two separate places). These keys allow you (and only you) to recover your SMiD status in case of damage to the device. That's it. You're up and automatically encrypting everything you store in the cloud – with no risk of loss, theft, damage or intrusion.

* If the SMiD main page does not open, use the SMiD Tools application available here to find your SMiD, and then double click on it.

Q: What is the difference between SMiD and a NAS?

Working with SMiD is like working with a NAS, but with SMiD your information is automatically and strongly encrypted and stored in the cloud. It’s like making every cloud your own private cloud. SMiD also covers you against local theft, accidental loss or damage, since no unencrypted files are ever permanently stored locally.

Q: What are the shipping costs?

There are additional shipping costs. Shipment does not include extra fees from customs, or additional costs associated with your country. Also, there is no guarantee that this will work in your country (e.g. unknown power & connectivity issues) – there are many hurdles we need to go over until we have a complete picture on the international market. If it turns out that shipment to your country proves impossible, we will reimburse your order.

*Shipping to: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Mauritius (islands), New Zealand and Singapore.

Q: When is the soonest I can get my SMiD connected in my home?

Estimated shipping dates for the first devices begin in September 2016.

Q: When will it be available, and at what price?

The price after the Indiegogo campaign will be €395.

Q: Why don't I have to pay some monthly fee?

Our goal is to make cloud storage a viable option for everyone. SMiD Pro is so simple that no maintenance is required. You will have automatic updates and you will be able to use our forum for any question and… enjoy the cloud without risks!

Q: How do I see SMiD on the user side and how can I protect my files? What kind of data can my SMiD process?

SMiD will appear in your computer as a network unit called “SMiD” (You will be able to change this name if you want in the administration panel). To protect your files you only have to drop your files into your SMiD unit.

SMiD can encrypt and store any kind of digital files.

Q: Where is my data stored?

You have total freedom to choose where you keep your data, so you can regularly optimize your cloud usage and costs. SMiD lets you enjoy all the advantages of cloud storage, while simplifying information security tasks and keeping your reputation, credibility and integrity intact. If you prefer not to use the cloud storage, you can choose any local or private server as a provider.

Q: Can I share my information through my SMiD?

Absolutely not. Sharing encrypted information with others implies that you send them the cryptographic keys too. SMiD is completely secure, cryptographic material is always inside it. SMiD is exactly like a vault. If you want to share any document, you have to take it out from the vault and then send it.

Q: Does SMiD work if I don’t have internet connection?

Yes. With SMiD you can choose what secured files will be available even when you're not connected to the internet. Also, you will always be able to work with providers located on your LAN.

Q: Will SMiD work with Android, Windows, Mac?

SMiD works with any type of IT infrastructure or operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc).

Q: Do I have to install something in my computer?

No. SMiD is dedicated equipment that manages the encryption process. You don´t have to install any client software.

Q: What if I want to access my cloud data when I'm not at home?

SMiD only allows local access through the SMB protocol. Of course, you can access your SMiD from outside your LAN through a VPN connection.

We are working to develop an easier to use system without compromising your security that will be implemented soon.

Q: Can I use SMiD Pro with multiple users and/or multiple cloud provider accounts?

Yes, SMiD Pro supports up to 5 users and it can be used from one to unlimited cloud provider accounts.

Q: How does SMiD work if I have more than one storage provider?

If you have more than one storage provider, SMiD Pro will randomly select one of them to store each file. SMiD automatically does this in order to unify the storage space and it is completely transparent for you.

Q: What is the SMiD Safeguard process?

SMiD Safeguard process is crucial. It will allow you to rebuild your SMiD in a new hardware device in the future. It generates a copy of your cryptographic keys and you have to store them in a safe place.

Q: What if someone steals or smashes my SMiD?

Only you can switch on your SMiD with your startup key. To others, your SMiD has the same value as a brick. So, relax and go on...

You can rebuild your SMiD in order to access your data again. You have to order a new device and use your USB keys generated in the SMiD Safeguard process to do that.

Q: What if I lose my startup key?

If you performed a SMiD Safeguard process you can recover your files ordering a new SMiD. When you connect your new device, it will ask you if you want to restore a previous SMiD, you will need the two USB generated in the SMiD Safeguard process.

Q: What about backups?

SMiD does a continuous backup and fine grain recovery on demand. It is completely automatic and transparent for you.

Q: What are the main differences with other encryption solutions?

SMiD is a one in a kind product. It is the only one that allows the users to have exclusively under their control: a dedicated device, the auto-generated cryptographic keys and the single startup key. It allows you to make every cloud your own private cloud.

Q: Why a device and not software?

SMiD is a hardware device for security reasons. It's the only reliable option to generate strong cryptographic keys. This also has another additional advantage: You have nothing to install or configure. Extra simplicity.

Q: Why shouldn't I trust and use any software with client-side encryption?

One of the main weaknesses of encryption software is that they run among thousands other applications in the user’s systems and you know... they are easily infected by malware. Using a dedicated device, SMiD ensures it will remain uncompromised. These software solutions can't and won't have a strong key generation. They rely on a much weaker private password that usually needs to be remembered by a human being.

Q: Where are the cryptographic keys located? Where and when are they generated?

Your cryptographic keys are located inside your SMiD, they are generated during setup. There is absolutely no way for us –the makers of SMiD- to have access to your cryptographic keys.

In order to rebuild your SMiD in a new hardware device, you have to do the SMiD Safeguard process as soon as your SMiD indicates. It generates a copy of your cryptographic keys in two USB and you have to store them in a safe place. You can do this process more times and you will get more copies of your SMiD to be store in different places.

Q: How strong is the SMiD encryption?

Really strong :) Military-grade encryption 256 bits and good Random Number Generators.

Q: Is the communication between SMiD and the cloud providers secure?

Even though most cloud providers force the use of SSL as a transport security measure, in the exceptional cases where SSL is optional SMiD forces its use.

Q: Can anybody else see my data?

Absolutely not! The information sent through SMiD to the cloud is fully encrypted. Only your SMiD with the correct credentials will be able to view your data.

Q: Why does the use of SMiD dismiss local risks?

With SMiD only the files you are working on will be unencrypted. No unencrypted files will be permanently stored. If something happens in your office (fire, earthquake…) or someone steals your computer, for example, you will not lose any data and your information will be safe.

Q: Why am I the only one with control over my data?

Encryption and decryption processes are always done inside the secure perimeter of the SMiD device. Nobody will have access to your cryptographic keys but you. In other solutions external encryption/decryption clients are required and they know the keys. This implies that they can access your data now and in the future.

Q: Does SMiD call home?

SMiD only connects to our own smidcloud servers through SSL to check for updates. The information sent is only the SMiD model, version and architecture, but no one will ever see what you store with cloud services, not even us.