Things go ahead with SMiD PRO, the Cloud Privacy Solution for Everyone.

SMiD PRO is the small SMiD version, a personal cloud storage device up to 5 users. SMiD PRO is perfect for individuals or small professional groups who want their sensitive data kept private in the cloud, whether individual users, law offices, financial advisories, healthcare clinics or consultancies.

SMiD PRO is an easy-to-use hardware device that ensures automatic security of your data. It’s a much better option than other software-based encryption solutions, which are vulnerable to ransomware. SMiD keeps your system secure at all times. It reduces the attack surface, generates and manages unguessable encryption keys, and is ransomware resistant.

Raspberry PI3, the Hardware option for SMiD PRO

As you know, things evolve fast in the hardware market and consequently new solutions are constantly appearing. Three months ago we came across with what we consider the best hardware option for our SMiD PRO version: the Raspberry Pi3.

This new hardware choice has several advantages:

  • It is used by millions of hardware professionals and enthusiasts
  • It has all the certifications needed for the international market.
  • 1.2GHz Quad-Core ARMv8 CPU (instead of 1GHz Dual-Core).
  • It is smaller and lighter.

Final design of SMiD PRO

Here you can see the difference between our original design and our final choice:

SMiD Pro cloud security device

Now we are finishing some details of the box content and the packaging design. Inside the box you will find:

  1. First of all: your SMiD Pro device
  2. The unique startup key required to turning your SMiD
  3. an Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector
  4. and finally, a universal power supply with interchangeable heads (we have decided to include this because our SMiD will go to different countries around the world)

All you need to be sure that your sensitive data such as personal information, client files, photos, legal documents, blueprints, contracts or court proceedings, is secured from unwanted eyes, theft, hacking or third-party misuse or mishandling.

Thanks for being part of this exciting project!

And… if you know someone aware about the privacy risk we all face with our digital information in cloud storage, please, feel free to share with them the Indiegogo campaign link:, we still accept preorders!


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