Cybersecurity services

Our experience at your service to increase your knowledge and the security of your systems


We offer consulting and advisory services for the development and maintenance of security policies that can be adapted to any technological innovation, legislation and regulation that may occur.

These services comprise active verification of compliance with security policies at all stages of the information life cycle of (storage, transport, communication, access, retrieval, etc.).

Information is considered one of the most important resources of business for the vast majority of companies; therefore, with the increasingly widespread use of new technologies and communications, it is necessary to provide a safe environment for the processing of data as well as processes that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security in communications with third parties.


Staff training is crucial in systems security. We offer courses both of general and specific aspects affecting information security and information systems.

Participants in these training courses range from workers to company managers.

With regard to workers, they are taught the meaning and importance of issues as essential as security plans GDPR compliance, etc.

Managers, on the other hand, are informed of the current state of IT risks in a format suitable for decision making.

Independent, external evaluation

Sometimes clients cannot simply rely on what the manufacturer or the development team says about a product. In these cases, the clients need to have an external, independent and discreet evaluation that informs them of the real situation in terms of security or any other characteristic of the system.

We evaluate the safety levels achieved as well as the performance and analyze in depth the source code and the executable modules of a solution or system.

This evaluation is necessary whenever the responsible person for any critical service or the board of a company or institution needs to make sure what the system is actually doing, which security levels are being achieved in each case, and which risks have not been contemplated, eliminated or mitigated.

Ad-hoc developments

We work with our clients in developing and implementing the necessary solutions, always adapted to their needs.

These solutions range from global developments to computer solutions of all kinds, but we always take special care in their safety features. We also provide solutions as specific as the following:

  • Electronic offices.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • Cryptographic modules.
  • Information protection.
  • Time Stamping systems.
  • Blind digital notarization systems
  • Digital signature of contracts.
  • Encryption of information.
  • Corporate e-mail security.

How we are

Research, development and innovation

We maintain a large and sustained R&D for design, development and implementation of specific safety products with high added value to tap into the national/european and international market.

Our vision

We want to contribute to prevent fraud and abuses in the information society. We promote the responsible and sustainable technological advancement of modern society and thus help to develop the full potential of future generations.

Our values

We believe that it is necessary to build relationships based on trust, loyalty and mutual discretion. The reputation lies in people so, the most valuable asset a company has is its employees and its clients. We think work as a team should be promoted, as well as the active participation of all to achieve the individual and the collective goals.

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