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There’s nothing quite like SMiD on the market

There’s nothing quite like SMiD on the market. It’s a modular and scalable encryption technology easy to implement in any scenario that deeply encrypts all data stored in the cloud, making it impenetrable to privacy breaches, theft, intrusion – even to local risk of data loss.

Mutually beneficial relationships

We foster mutually beneficial relationships with cloud technology partners that are based on trust, loyalty and transparency. Supporting your business means supporting our business, so we are very invested in your growth. Our partnership models range from marketing and commercial agreements to technological collaboration.

We provide the tools, resources…

We provide the tools, resources, and processes needed for our partners to deliver, integrate, and package our SMiD Cloud Security Solution so it becomes just the right high added value product for every use case.

The Added Value of SMiD

Legally compliant

Deliver 100% secure, confidential and legally compliant cloud storage for business and personal use

Level of information security

Offer customers a level of information security unavailable from other cloud storage solutions


Get in on a new kind of innovation before it floods the market

Attract customers

Attract customers in industries with barriers to cloud services (hospitals, public entities, etc.)

Absolute confidentiality

Enable your customers to deliver absolute confidentiality to their patients or clients

Cloud Providers

Businesses and organizations with strong data protection requirements are a difficult sell when it comes to cloud storage services. Potential customers tend to have a lot of questions about compliance, privacy and security of their data in the cloud. Partnering with SMiD makes it easy for you to answer those questions, and to deliver a smart cloud security solution that satisfies your customers and reduces your IT security costs.

System Integrators and Solution Providers

SMiD protects your clients’ cloud-stored data – regardless of their existing infrastructure, operating systems or IT environment. It simplifies data security tasks and requires no installation or maintenance. Just plug it into the LAN and begin deep cloud data encryption to protect against information privacy breaches, intrusion, data loss, theft or damage. SMiD comes in models designed to fit all different business sizes and levels of customer usage.

Service Partners and Distributors

Interested in expanding your product portfolio? We are open to different levels of resellers, distributors, and service partnerships, providing a simple way to increase sales and expand your cloud technology product offering. Become a SMiD partner!


SMiD was built with ease of integration in mind. If you have a product related to cloud storage technology, data security, or data management, SMiD can offer you the possibility to expand your solution’s reach and deliver customers added value.

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