Life up in the clouds can get mundane, don’t you think? Well, be prepared to laugh yourself back to earth with these funny cloud friendly memes. We found the best ones so you don’t have to wade through the mud.

10 Funny Cloud Memes to Send You Back into Fits of Giggles Right Away

Even the creepy condescending Wonka knows your data is safe in the cloud! So why are get worried? Chillax.

What’s all that buzz about emerging cloud apps on the market? The weather forecast in digital USA looks pretty cloudy this year.

Xzibit knows how to create the unimaginable VM inside a hypervisor loop! Who said inception wasn’t possible in cloud computing?

Wondering where Gandalf’s busy after completing the hobbit sequel? He is the only cloud installation wizard you will ever need!

If Woody doesn’t know what cloud computing is, then neither does buzz… maybe it’s because toy story belongs to pre-cloud days.

Even Santa knows how to set his business priorities in the cloud? He gotta roll with the modern times!

Sounds like the case of an old school manager?! We all have this one in our professional networks!

No man! It’s just the foggy weather… cloud isn’t what you think it is! Your data isn’t turning into dew drops.

If one baby has a solid disaster recovery plan, then it’s this baby! Hosting data by birth, like a boss!

Don’t worry! All your weirdly specific image data on Facebook & Instagram is going nowhere. They are safe because…

So what became your AHA moment – the instant you realized that’s so funny about the cloud?

Jokes apart, don’t forget to encrypt your data before upload them to any cloud 😉

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