• Updated SAMBA to prevent CVE-2017-2619
  • New SMiD installations will use CBC encryption mode to encrypt files
  • Fallback IP address (if no DHCP server or static IP is found)  now working properly
  • Pluggable, as requested, encryption and hash algorithms
  • New user credentials storage format, now using JSON. See Release Notes for instructions to update
  • New web panel certificates issued for every SMiD as per Chrome v58

Release notes:

  • A successful login into the administration web panel with every local user created is enough to update that user credentials
  • The new certificate will be available after a reboot
  • Please DO NOT unplug the AC adapter while the update is in progress. This update can take up to 40 minutes to be applied


  • Armageddon process improved
  • Fixed a minor bug in the update checker


  • Memory usage drastically improved
  • File management performance improved
  • macOS is fully supported now
  • Hostname on login page
  • Hardware ID on My SMiD section


  • Fixed an important bug in Lazarus process
  • Fixed a minor bug in the Trash panel
  • More info in boot and shutdown
  • Safeguard process texts updated


  • Reboot time reduced by optimizing backup upload
  • Update checker now runs every hour


  • Welcome update 🙂
  • Added changelog to updates
  • File scanner process improved
  • Fixed minor bug on macOS devices
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