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Cybersecurity experts

SMiD Cloud is a technological company specialized in computer security, information and communication technologies founded in 2011.

We have dreamed up, built and implemented customized security solutions for clients in just about every industry – from Defence, to Public Administration and Gaming.

Our clients keep coming back, because they like how we work as a team, as much as they like our cloud security solutions. And they trust us.

We developed the SMiD technology to solve one of the biggest problem regarding the safety storage of digital information.

Today all our data are handled in digital form and our hardware devices break get stolen, or we lose them, and few apply a correct backup policy.

Cloud storage ensures our information will be intact –we LOVE the cloud!– but…

Who sees your data on the cloud end – and what they do with it – is not under you control, we also FEAR the cloud.

SMiDs are completely plug&play data protection devices that make every cloud your own private cloud: Absolute peace of mind for everyone.

Innovative solutions

That effectively ensure the security and privacy of information stored both in the cloud and locally.

Cybersecurity experts

SMiD has been designed by a high specialized team with more than 15 years of experience.

One in a kind product

The first device capable of managing information security automatically and transparently for users.


Any storage provider

It allows users to select any cloud storage provider and SMiD renders all data completely unreadable to anyone but them.

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