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Secure your cloud-stored data and make it completely unreadable by anyone but you. Deep local data encryption, unguessable cryptographic keys and a unique startup key ensure that your information is for your eyes only.

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What is SMiD?

Cloud storage has a great deal of advantages, but who sees your data on the cloud end - and what they do with it - is not under your control. SMiD gives you exclusive control of your cloud-stored data. No one will ever see what you store in the cloud. Get all the benefits of cloud storage while keeping your data 100% secure and confidential.

A very simple device

SMiD is a plug & play device. It's as simple as working with a network-attached storage (NAS) server, but with vastly more advantages.

Absolutely inaccessible

The key to SMiD security is not just in its deep round-the-clock encryption, but its absolute inability to be accessed by anyone else.

Exclusive physical key

Your SMiD will only turn on with a physical startup key that is in your hands only.

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SMiD is the solution to comply with the European legislation on personal data protection. It's perfect for the legal sector assuring confidentiality and security on the transmission and storage of data. It works automatically and it's very simple to use.
Javier Prenafeta, Lawyer and Partner of Abanlex
The 100% of our digital services store a great amount of cloud-data and the security of them was a constant concern. The integration of SMiD in our deployments has provided the definitive argument to earn our clients confidence. There is no other solution on the market so flexible and easy-to-integrate as SMiD.
Miguel García Biedma, CTO from seekle.es
SMiD has made me consider having a copy of my files in the cloud. I don't need to trust that my cloud provider keeps my data away from third parties anymore. Now I know that all of my data in SMiD is encrypted and stored in the cloud. And only I have the key, as well as access to the panic button :D
Rafael Porras Samaniego, Software Senior Engineer
Perfect to keep my data safe and under control, independently of the cloud provider I choose.
Jesús Díaz Vico, Software Architect

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October 25, 2016

El almacenamiento en la nube ha revolucionado la industria tecnológica, tanto por su facilidad de uso como por su eficiencia en el coste. Ha permitido que tanto usuarios particulares como organizaciones almacenen sus datos en servidores en la nube y minimicen con ello la pérdida de información.

Cloud storage has revolutionized the tech industry with cost efficiency and ease of use. It has enabled individual users as well as organizations to save their data on cloud servers and minimize data loss.

October 17, 2016

Are there ways to protect your data? In the current era, where everything is digital, data security is a very serious matter. We store so much personal information online without acknowledging the risks involved. From social networks to mobile payments, everywhere we have stored some kind of personal data which can fall into the wrong … Continue reading “5 ways to increase the protection of your data”

Sello Pyme Innovadora 2018

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