The SMiD project started almost three years ago when we decided to develop a solution to one of the biggest problem regarding the data security of cloud storage.

We’ve been working nonstop for over two years to design and develop the technology behind SMiD and now we are doing something that has never been done before: A completely plug&play data protection device for everyone. SMiD Pro is the only cloud security device designed both for personal and professional use.

SMiD Pro works with FTP and the most popular cloud storage providers (Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.) and is adding more to its provider list all the time. It automatically protects with strong encryption all data right at the source – before it heads to the cloud. The device enables global cloud storage users – everyone from particulars, health care professionals, lawyers, celebrities to leaders of large organizations to heads of multinationals – to keep their cloud-stored information absolutely confidential and invulnerable to intrusion, theft, accidental loss or damage.

SMiD Pro gives users the freedom to choose their cloud providers and change them over time. It turns every cloud into the user’s own private cloud. The device only turns on with a physical startup key, so it is rendered completely useless in anyone else’s hands.

A campaign to spread Cloud data security on the world

We decide to make SMiD Pro available to the public for the first time last week, through an Indiegogo campaign that will allow us to move into full production and manufacturing so we can offer the advantages of SMiD Pro to you and all those people who want to store their data in the cloud privately. So if you want total control over your cloud stored data, now you will be able to preorder your SMiD Pro.

In less than a week we have reached the 63% of the goal. It has been a very exciting days, and we are overwhelmed by all the contributions, emails, social shout-outs and moral support we have received.

But there are still lots of people worried about their privacy in the cloud that need to hear about us. Please help us reach all those final users that make it all worthwhile, share and tell your friends, family and colleagues about it. Help us make it happen!

For more information, visit our Indiegogo campaign.

Thanks for your support!

Valle Fernández


cloud data securing device

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