SMiD believe that you should have complete control over your data.  After all, it is yours! As I’m sure you are aware, when you choose to store your data in the cloud, you pass control of the data across to your Service Provider. We ensure that the access and overall control of your files always stay with you – always.

Are you storing files in the cloud which contain important information?

Storing data in the cloud is an ideal way to ensure that your data is not lost, it has a multitude of benefits.  For the SMB, the ease of access, along with the low cost of ownership is an attractive draw.

We want you to benefit from using cloud storage, without compromising your privacy, or the security of your data.   Whether you are doing this already, or perhaps you are considering storing your files in the cloud soon, it is crucial to ensure the files are encrypted prior to uploading them anywhere.  Why? Encrypting your files will ensure the privacy of your files are completely safeguarded which can be exceptionally important if you are storing business data which may contain sensitive or personal information.  Whilst some cloud providers will assure you that your data is secure and in some cases it is encrypted, they will always hold the keys to unlock the files.  If they are called upon to do so, they will be able to reveal your data.   If you encrypt your own data, before it is passed over to the cloud provider, you retain control of the key to unlock that data, ensuring its total protection.

Why do I need to encrypt my files BEFORE they go to the cloud?

As a business owner of a small business, keeping control of information that you store in the cloud, keeping it safe and out of the hands of your competition, or out of the public domain is crucial for your reputation, for your client confidentiality, and for your company’s success.

Encryption allows your business to comply with the EU legislation on data protection.  It ensures that your data is cryptically protected, giving you unparallel protection, without compromise.  Regardless of what cloud storage provider you use, and their levels of security, you have the peace of mind that both you and your client’s data is locked-down, and only you have the access key.  No matter who might want to see your company data, it is fully safeguarded, offering both you and your client total assurance and above all else, complete peace of mind.

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