Cloud storage has revolutionized the tech industry with cost efficiency and ease of use. It has enabled individual users as well as organizations to save their data on cloud servers and minimize data loss.
Everyday more and more people are moving to cloud storage to protect and share their data. Cloud storage services enable users to share their data instantly with anyone across the globe. This has been extremely useful for businesses with overseas clients.
Types of cloud storage servicesThere are three types of cloud storage serv
ices. Each is catered towards a specific market and offers tailored services to its users.
Private Cloud Storage:
Private cloud storage service is tailored for large enterprises. The service is designed according to the organization’s specifications. Businesses require administrative control over their data so these custom cloud storage services are either on-premises or externally hosted isolated from public servers.
Public Cloud Storage:
Public Cloud storage is catered towards the mass consumers with the intention of personal use. The most common use of cloud storage for individuals is to store images and videos. Public cloud storage providers offer certain benefits keeping the usage in mind. Users also do not need to maintain the system as compared to Private Cloud storage services.
Hybrid Cloud Storage:
Hybrid Cloud storage service is a combination of private and public cloud storage. Users can pick and choose elements from both types to create a hybrid storage according to their needs. Hybrid Cloud Storage offers a lot of customizability and most often used by large enterprises. More important data is kept under private storage while less important data can be store in public storage for easy access. This saves both time and money while creating an efficient storage environment.
How to choose a cloud storage provider?
There are various aspects to look for when choosing a cloud storage provider. This is particularly important to ensure stability, reliability and data security. A cloud storage provider with a better infrastructure will always be better especially for businesses since data security is a key aspect for them.
Financial Stability of the cloud storage provider is very important because it reduces long term risks. A struggling or a new service provider might not succeed in the long run which can result in transfer of all the data to a new service.
Infrastructure is the most important aspect when choosing a cloud storage provider. There have been many innovations in the cloud storage setups and the one with proven infrastructure provides the best stability and reliability which is essentials for enterprises.
Location of data servers is also an important aspect when choosing a cloud storage provider. A more diversified service provider will be able to accommodate all your needs without any restrictions. Also geographically distributed data centers give you the option of choosing a server near you, this reduces speed related issues and offers easy management.
Security is the top priority for enterprises because they will store confidential data on the server. Make sure that the cloud storage provider has top of the line security in place to minimize data theft and hacks. This will help secure your data without any worries.
Encryption is also an added advantage especially for small and medium businesses. A cloud service provider that offers personal encryption keys should be considered. This not prevents the storage provider from decrypting your data. Some cloud storage providers can decrypt your data when needed for legal purposes or requests of information from the government. An alternative to this is to use SMiD encryption device when uploading your data to cloud storage. This will give you complete control over your data and only you will have the encryption keys to decrypt your data. This makes your data more secure and inaccessible to anyone but you.
Third-party validation and accreditation is extremely important because it shows that the cloud storage provider complies with all the rules and regulations. A certified cloud storage provider is more trust worthy because it complies with international standards. This assures the storage provider maintains a quality standard in its services.
Data Recovery is a must have for enterprises in case of data loss due to unforeseen circumstances. New or struggling storage providers will not provide these services since it is a costly endeavor. An established cloud storage provider will offer data recovery service which is extremely helpful in dire situations.

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