Information Safeguarding: from the locker to data encryption

In the old days, the idea of safeguarding your important documents meant putting them in a locked safe or even in a locked drawer. With the coming of digital age, so many of old age customs are now outdated with the world moving fast towards a paperless era.While digital advancement definitely has its perks, it also has its own array of problems as well. The idea of safety is now drastically different in the online world. It’s quite easy to crack passwords and even easier to hack into the systems. Giant companies and world leaders are brought down due to leakage of top most secret information.

Millions of threats

Just in 2016 alone, there were over millions of information breach cases. Cyber-attacks are the newest and the most lethal way to harm anyone. And it’s not just limited to small companies, giants like Twitter, Spotify, Reddit are equally affected by the breach attempts, as outages were caused on these sites by the attacks on their DNS service. Breach attempts like these can cause serious damage. Take the free website builder Weebly for example, a data breach affected 43 million of its users compromising their personal information. Weebly is one of the most common hosting platforms in the world and ensures proper implementation of security. Yet in October 2016, published 43 million Weebly users‘ information that contained their username, email address, passwords and IP addresses. Eventually, breached notification and email reset passwords were sent to all affected users and now Weebly is making sure that their security is foolproof.

In other equally concerning news, hackers stole a massive database of an online data storage and database hosting solutions company called Modern Business Systems (MBS). Around 58 million people have their personal information published online. This information includes their name, date of birth, email & postal address, job title, phone number, vehicle data and IP address. As per researchers, all this sensitive information was leaked because MBS was running an unsecured database that was open to access by anyone.

The importance of knowing what is really important

Unfortunately, incidents like misconfigured database or breached attempts on Weebly are all too common. Hackers can easily identify internet connected systems that are insecure or are revealed online when they should be hidden from the outside world, hence making the system vulnerable to attacks. It is not enough to install firewall and anti-virus system as it’s proven countless times to be useless when attacked by expert hackers. It cannot be stressed enough over how important is to install properly encrypted storage to store sensitive information. Besides, it’s a strict legal requirement for government agencies and private companies to safeguard their sensitive information online.

Better safe than sorry

SMiD is one such effective and simple to implement a solution that kills the risk of theft, damage or intrusion of your data. It automatically encrypts and protects your data that you store on the cloud. Hacking and breached information incidents will be quite less common if a strong encryption solution like SMiD is implemented. It’s a new breed of private cloud storage that offers different solutions as per your requirement and suitability. You can check out SMiD features and learn more about it here.

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