“Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.” – Billy Graham

Privacy is precious because without privacy, you are vulnerable and at risk. If you lose your privacy, the tides are already against you.

Claiming that you have nothing to hide or you don’t have good enough to say is a phrase that you and I have come across the Internet, quite often. Truth be told! People who claim such statements are basically unaware of the significance of privacy.

Privacy and Data Security hold utmost importance in almost every professional field. According to a recent statistical analysis conducted by data scientists at EU in healthcare, the number of breaches in healthcare systems has increased enormously in recent dates.

However, we have seen a gradual increase in the adoption of cloud among different medical institutions.

Clinical files and records are highly confidential and their safety and precaution should be the top priority. Today, more than 70 percent of the medical institutions around the world are catering cloud services.

Under the law and the common sense, every health file, whether belonging to a big or a small medical setup, holds equal privacy importance as any other confidential data on the market. And when it comes to addressing data security, EU has indeed made a standpoint in the global digital sphere.

The New GPDR (Resolution) and SMiD

In the European new GPDR (General Protection Data Resolution) law, the importance of securing any data is as comprehensive as it can be. It is an integral part of the EU privacy and human rights law and the EU commission declared its effectiveness, since May, 2016.

The law is now effective across all 28 countries of the European Union and is single-handedly benefiting a rather large audience. Although, a small fraction of the overall big picture is the medical institutions. Upon a quick survey conducted recently, it has been evaluated that cloud technology is not a secure option, as it contributes in storing and maintaining in clear text form large databases of numerous patient’s clinical files.

SMiD cloud technologies have taken considerate steps in endorsing subdue contribution to EU Commission’s GPDR Act. At SMiD, we have found a quick and easy solution when it comes to cloud storage security. We have taken cloud storage security to a whole new level.

So, what is SMiD and how is it any different?

The answer is simple. SMiD is your perfect data encryption solution over the cloud infrastructure when used for data storage. Oh btw! It is not a cloud provider, but something much better than that.

SMiD is a small, portable device that comes with a unique startup key, so no one but you is in control of your files.

SMiD offers Pro Cloud Privacy to everyone. By going through a simple three step process, your device will be all set and good to go. Secret and unidentifiable cryptographic keys, deep-rooted local data encryption and a unique startup key are all that makes SMiD distinctive in the digital world.

In this video you can check what SMiD is:


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