Last year was a real blast for cyber security criminals. Leading cyber-criminal conducts were carried out such as the noteworthy incident of Equifax, losing data worth millions, Wannacry ransomware attack which infected more than 400,000 machines across 150 countries, and I suppose we all know about the cyber security breaches at Verizon and Kmart.

Searching for the silver lining in the cloud? The overall cybersecurity breach cost has shortened down by 10%, but sadly the average breach rate has kicked up by 2%. Observing the market, the forecasts for the coming year is pretty clear! Cybersecurity is going to observe more breaches, more espionage, and more data infringements!

To combat cybercrime, these are some of the top cybersecurity trends known to be followed in the year 2018.

1.      AI & Machine Learning will Aid Cyber-Defense

The future is here, and it’s all about the AI. With large growing patterns, AI and machine learning are increasingly seeding its way in many organizations around the world. AI intelligent systems turn out to be a viable option because of their capacity to adapt and learn from experiences. An attack led by a hacker through one gateway may never repeat itself because AI compatible systems will make sure to take necessary precautions and keep the threat out for good.

2.      IoT Can Create Data Breach Leak Holes

As much as the future is excited to welcome IoT into their lives, they fail to understand that not all devices are as highly secured as your laptop or handheld device. IoT remains a significant weakness and can create a possible leak hole for cybercrime specialist to take advantage. One way to overcome this hassle is to give IoT devices password protection with well-measured security features, but it can result in mind-boggling the user with so many passwords to remember.

3.      The CyberSecurity Common Language Stratosphere

One great thing happening in the year 2018 is the development of a common language for security purposes and it’s called the NIST Security Framework. It will allow security officials to code security layers efficiently. It will enable them to connect with each other and learn better. This unification may result in creating more secure and robust security defenses to keep the menace of the cyber threat far away from sensitive information.

4.      The Merge of Consumer Privacy and Data Security

Data privacy and data security are always observed as separate entities but not in the year 2018. According to Chief Privacy Officer of Immuta, Andrew Burt, organizations will introduce more robust data management frameworks giving the liberty to security officials to control data. Now, agencies will decide who will see how much based on various attributes. All this and much more will make sure that cybersecurity without privacy becomes a thing of the past.

5.      Investing in Cryptocurrency Can Be a Bad Choice

The current market capitalization of Cryptocurrency is around $494 billion. Apparently, it is not the safest place to invest in at the moment. The year 2018 brings grave news for cryptocurrencies as one of the popular among them is going to “die.” No cryptocurrency is entirely safe, as the market value of these coins increases over time, it becomes more of eye-candy for hackers. We predict that a significant hack is planned and it will take place in the year 2018 which can profoundly damage public confidence.

Technology refines our mode of communication. It helps us connect with the world in better ways. We conduct businesses more flawlessly and with openness. As much as the technology has its perks, but there is also a dark side which we sometimes forget.

These are some of the major trends that are taking place in 2018! So, if you are ready to face them, equip yourself with the right tools to stay safe and secure.


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